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This PA. Gov Debate Brought To You In Part By One Of The Candidates

PENN LIVE – Penn Waste's recognizable logo has played a prominent role in this year's gubernatorial campaign.

It was there on the waste hauling company's trucks sat in the background as the company's owner, Republican Scott Wagner, announced he was running for governor. It shows up in several of his political commercials and he got running mate Jeff Bartos to join him in wearing a safety vest with the Penn Waste logo on it in a campaign video . And undoubtedly on Monday, the logo will be visible somewhere at the 34th annual Chamber Dinner since Penn Waste is a high-paying gold sponsor. As part of this pricey affair, Jeopardy! game show host Alex Trebek moderating the one and only gubernatorial debate between Wagner and Democratic incumbent Gov. Tom Wolf in the campaign.

Supreme Court Abortion Rights Threat Will Be Election Boost For Democrats: Poll

NEWSWEEK – The U.S. Supreme Court seat left open by the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy is a powerful motivator for voters, particularly Democrats, in this fall’s midterm election fight for control of Congress, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Friday. Ninety percent of Democrats said the vacancy would make them more likely to vote for a Democratic Senate candidate in the Nov. 6 election, compared with 81 percent of Republicans who said the issue would make them more likely to vote for a Senate candidate from their party. The Senate votes to confirm or deny judicial candidates for federal courts, including Supreme Court nominees.

Joshua Henne, a Democratic strategist, said abortion would rise in importance among voters as people began to understand the stakes of the Supreme Court battle. “People for a generation have taken it for granted,” he said. “When people start taking notice that a woman’s right to choose could be in peril, these numbers will look a bit different.”

Democrats Reading Tea Leaves After U.S. Congressman’s Upset

REUTERS – Liberal Democrats on Wednesday said a string of victories in U.S. nominating contests, notably the surprise toppling of powerful congressman Joseph Crowley in New York, proved the party must embrace progressive priorities or face defeat. 

“You could make the case that Crowley was more in touch with the inside-the-Beltway D.C. game and House leadership, rather than tending to his garden at home,” said Joshua Henne, a Democratic strategist. But, Henne said, the outcome also showed that the insurgent left wing of the party remains its most active force in the era of President Donald Trump and suggested candidates should pursue what he called a “bold progressive agenda.” 

High-ranking House Democrat dealt surprise defeat at polls

REUTERS – The Democratic Party’s insurgent left wing and Republican U.S. President Donald Trump each claimed big victories on Tuesday, as voters in seven states selected the parties’ candidates for November’s midterm elections that will determine control of Congress.

U.S. Representative Joseph Crowley, a high-ranking Democrat seen as a possible future leader of the chamber, lost his re-election bid in a stunning upset that highlighted the ideological battles at play in this year’s midterm elections.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s beach visit during budget crisis steams residents

LA TIMES - Many New Jersey residents steamed Monday over aerial photographs that showed Gov. Chris Christie and his family sunbathing in the privacy of an empty beach while frustrated beachgoers were turned away because of a budget impasse.

State beaches, parks, museums and the division of motor vehicles had been closed since Friday because of the failure of the governor and the Legislature to agree on a budget. Although a compromise was reached late Monday that should allow the state to resume normal operations by Tuesday, the closure of the beaches over a hot weekend caused a public outcry. “Tell Gov. Christie: Get the hell off Island Beach State Park,” a banner plane flying along the Jersey shore on Monday chided.

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