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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s beach visit during budget crisis steams residents

LA TIMES - Many New Jersey residents steamed Monday over aerial photographs that showed Gov. Chris Christie and his family sunbathing in the privacy of an empty beach while frustrated beachgoers were turned away because of a budget impasse.

State beaches, parks, museums and the division of motor vehicles had been closed since Friday because of the failure of the governor and the Legislature to agree on a budget. Although a compromise was reached late Monday that should allow the state to resume normal operations by Tuesday, the closure of the beaches over a hot weekend caused a public outcry. “Tell Gov. Christie: Get the hell off Island Beach State Park,” a banner plane flying along the Jersey shore on Monday chided.

SEE IT: Banner plane tells New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to ‘get the hell off’ the beach

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS - Chris Christie enjoying a day on the beach doesn't fly with some New Jerseyans. A banner plane was spotted Monday flying over Seaside Park with a strong message for Gov. Christie.

"Tell Chris Christie: Get the hell off Island Beach State Park," the banner reads, according to a video posted by Jersey Shore Hurricane News. Joshua Henne, a New Jersey-based political consultant, paid for the plane carrying the banner.

Beachgate photo: NJ Gov. Chris Christie is blistered over his day at the beach

WABC7 - There's Gov. Chris Christie, lounging in a beach chair in the Oval Office. There he is again, sitting in the sand as the lovers from the movie "From Here to Eternity" roll around in the surf. And there he is, relaxing outside the meat store from "The Sopranos."

Christie is getting blistered online and in the real world after he was photographed with his family soaking up the sun on a beach that he had closed to the public over the Fourth of July weekend because of a government shutdown.

Highland Park considering becoming a ‘sanctuary city’

NJ.COM – The borough will consider next week whether it should try to protect its immigrant community by becoming a "sanctuary city."

Joshua Henne, a local Democratic strategist, said communities should create clear policies to protect immigrants, and that this is not an impossible task.

"All folks are asking for is to make sure our local municipalities won't become deputized police forces for Trump's mass deportations," Henne said.

Is Monmouth County becoming NJ’s political center?

ASBURY PARK PRESS – Democratic strategist Joshua Henne said Monmouth candidates have plenty to talk about. Everyone in Monmouth has these issues they’re drawn to – the environment, the racetrack, beach replenishment, the seasonal workers, the small businesses. It’s not just Sandy,” said Henne, owner of White Horse Strategies. “They care about the beach and oceans. They talk about Bruce Springsteen – these are things that transcend.”

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