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Conspirator list could tip government’s hand in Bridgegate

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER – "Anyone who tells you they're not playing the John Doe parlor game also has a bridge to sell you," Joshua Henne, a Democratic consultant, said in an email, which he jokingly signed "aka John Doe."

Race To Be Christie’s Successor Heating Up

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER – "With Christie completely fixated on Iowa and New Hampshire and the gears of government grinding to a halt, it seems both Republicans and Democrats are already casting their eyes to 2017," said Joshua Henne, a Democratic consultant with White Horse Strategies who isn't working for any of the prospective candidates.

New Jersey Pride Shines Through in U.S. Women’s World Cup Victory

WALL STREET JOURNAL – “No one works harder, plays smarter or knows how to step up in a pressure situation” than New Jersey players, said Joshua Henne, a Democratic strategist who grew up playing soccer with Ms. O’Reilly’s brothers.

Chris Christie Loses Control Of #TellingItLikeItIs Hashtag On Twitter During 2016 Campaign Launch

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES – It was the governor's critics who flooded Twitter, using the hashtag to express their opposition to his candidacy and their disdain for his record.

Fulop to GOP, Rutgers’ Campus Cannon, and More N.J. April Fools’ Hoaxes

STAR-LEDGER – The missive was sent by Joshua Henne, who served as the communications director for erstwhile Fulop foe Jerramiah Healy.

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