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Former Rutgers football Player Eric LeGrand Supporting Union In Video

BERGEN RECORD – The video was released on the Facebook page of Reclaim Rutgers — a coalition of unions and others advocating for new contracts for more than 20,000 Rutgers employees ranging from faculty members to nurses at the university-run hospitals. The video is on You Tube and will be promoted to the Rutgers community in the coming weeks, said Joshua Henne, a spokesman for the union coalition.

Lauren Bacall: Hollywood Legend Who Lived a New Yorker’s Life

WALL STREET JOURNAL – Joshua Henne, a 36-year-old political consultant, said his brush with Ms. Bacall came in October 2009, when he stopped by the Upper West Side location of Gray's Papaya, the famed New York hot dog shop, after a movie. "Not only is it cool that she came to Gray's Papaya at 11:30 at night, but she clearly had just left a black-tie event," he said. "To this day, I wish I had bought her a hot dog."

Communications Workers of America Blast Christie in ‘Shirk Week’ Video Over Pension and Benefit Reform

POLITICKERNJ – “Christie didn’t only break his word when it came to funding the pension. He also broke the very law he signed and touted as a “major accomplishment.” Gone is the fanfare. Gone is the chest-thumping. And gone are the taxpayer-funded banners proclaiming the “Jersey Comeback,” Joshua Henne, a political consultant at White Horse Strategies, said in a statement accompanying the video release.

Fundraisers In The House

POLITICO – The new political advocacy group Democrats for Public Education has signed up a few new co-chairs as it launches its efforts to raise money to support advocates of traditional public schools. ... The group aims to serve as a counterweight to Democrats for Education Reform; while he won’t release details on fundraising yet, spokesman Joshua Henne said the early response has been “tremendously positive.”

Democrats Rip Christie In Advance Of Fallon Show

ASBURY PARK PRESS – Democratic strategist Joshua Henne also ripped the governor for his talk show appearances. “The rest of the country now knows a bit more about the real Chris Christie, and how he is quite different than the cartoon character who perfected the art of celebrity through late night tv, softball town halls and manufactured YouTube moments," said Henne. "It’s one thing to giggle about Springsteen with Jimmy Fallon, but quite another to answer for breaking the economy, closing down a bridge, misusing Sandy relief funds and consistently trailing America when it comes to jobs and foreclosures."

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