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Leaving Nothing to Chance in Debate Prep

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER – The New Jersey Democrat was playing the role of a Pennsylvania Republican, Rick Santorum, when he went for the jugular in a mock debate with Democrat Bob Casey in 2006.
"You know, let me tell you something, Bob," Rep. Rob Andrews (D., N.J.) remembers saying. "The only thing I'm grateful for you after I hear you misrepresent your record is that your father is not here to hear it."
Casey aide Larry Smar said he doesn't remember the debate-prep moment described by Andrews. But the South Jersey congressman is known for his ability to "internalize the opposition's positions on issues and deliver better on-message answers than the real person," said Joshua Henne, a Democratic political consultant who has witnessed Andrews' mock debates.

Christie Pushes Hard for a Lasting Impact

BERGEN RECORD - Joshua Henne, a Democratic political strategist critical of the governor's policies, said Christie's social media presence in advance of the convention fell flat.
Christie, he argued, has struck a better tone on his official Twitter account, @GovChristie, which has nearly 145,000 followers, than he has on the account created for the Republican convention. The governor’s official state account has been dormant since Sunday.

The Auditor: Hey, Hey, LBJ?

STAR-LEDGER - For Josh Henne, a Democratic operative, it was funny enough that Anna Little, a Republican and a tea party favorite, sent him a letter inviting him to an event and seeking a donation to her congressional campaign fund. But what really made him laugh were some of the stamps used on the envelope: three oversized 8-cent Lyndon B. Johnson stamps.

New Jersey’s Best Twitter Feeds

STAR-LEDGER - We’ve eliminated the static and narrowed the field to bring you a no-nonsense cross-section of the best Twitter feeds for Jersey politics, entertainment and sports. These are the Jersey tweeters who keep things interesting and active, who use Twitter to connect with their fans and constituents or to deliver news and views from both sides of the political aisle.
Joshua Henne: @joshuahenne
As a Democratic political strategist and spokesman for progressive reform group “One Jersey,” Henne delivers snarky one-liners about New Jersey Republicans (read: Christie).
Follow because: Henne puts a new spin on tired rhetoric and knows how to use Twitter to advance his message.

Coptergate: Christie and his flight to the ball game

PHILLY.COM - By last evening, that moment of alleged excess for a state with serious budget problems had become the joke of the Trenton Twitterati. From @JoshuaHenne, a Dem strategist:

New #BumperSticker for @GovChristie: “My other car is a $12.5 million helicopter that is supposed to be used for homeland security & trauma”

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