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Does Big Brother tweet?

STAR-LEDGER - Last week, Democratic operative Josh Henne was waiting to be called for jury duty in Middlesex County, killing time engaging in one of his favorite pastimes: agitating Christie via Twitter.
“Sorry to disappoint your negative, partisan little heart,” Christie wrote to Henne, who responded by criticizing the governor for “only talking politics and bashing teachers.”
Henne told The Auditor he was a little surprised when he was called into the court administrator’s office and told to “cease and desist” tweeting after the office got a “call from Trenton.”

Washington Post Names Best N.J. Political Tweeters

STAR-LEDGER - The Washington Post's Chris Cilliza has named the best political tweeters in each state.
The Star-Ledger's Ginger Gibson made the New Jersey list, along with Newark Mayor Cory Booker, political strategist Michael Muller and left-leaning blog Blue Jersey.

Politics heats up social media

COURIER POST - Gov. Chris Christie continues to pwn* the opposition with his skillful use of social media.
If you don't know what that sentence means, you're probably as out of the loop as his foes appear to be. (*Internet slang for "own" or "dominate.")

War On Twitter

NJN: NEW JERSEY NEWS - Governor Christie has fully embraced Twitter as a means of getting his message out. And that includes bantering back and forth over policy as he did two weeks ago with White Horse Strategies Democratic Consultant Joshua Henne. It was over the ARC tunnel. And a sampling is below. When people drew my attention to it (and by the way, lots of people were talking about this) the words “Twitter Fight” immediately jumped into my head. Kinda like when Belushi yelled “Food Fight!” in Animal House or when SNL-ers yelled “Emmy Fight.” Ok, there is the connection. Phew.

Humor A Great Tool

PRESS OF ATLANTIC CITY - So a mayor, a clerk and a municipal zoning official walk into a room... And if lawmakers want the public to pay attention to what happens next at the meeting, a panel of humorists at the New Jersey League of Municipalities Conference on Tuesday said, it helps to lighten up a little.

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