SEE IT: Banner plane tells New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to ‘get the hell off’ the beach

New York Daily News
July 3, 2017
By Elizabeth Elizalde

Chris Christie enjoying a day on the beach doesn’t fly with some New Jerseyans.

A banner plane was spotted Monday flying over Seaside Park with a strong message for Gov. Christie.

“Tell Chris Christie: Get the hell off Island Beach State Park,” the banner reads, according to a video posted by Jersey Shore Hurricane News.

Joshua Henne, a New Jersey-based political consultant, paid for the plane carrying the banner.

“The banner speaks for itself,” Henne told the Daily News. “Ultimately, Chris Christie will be defined by a bridge and a beach.”

People can be heard on the video cheering and clapping as the plane flies by. The banner’s message apparently mocks Christie’s 2011 remarks about Hurricane Irene, when the governor uses that exact same phrase.

“I saw some of these news feeds that I’ve been watching upstairs of people sitting on the beach in Asbury Park,” the governor had said at the time. “Get the hell off the beach!”

Photos taken by NJ Advance Media showing Christie and his family enjoying a sunny day on Island Beach State Park on Sunday amid the state’s government shutdown caused outrage among New Jerseyans. The beach was closed to the public.

Christie defended his beach outing.

“The governor has a residence at Island Beach. Others don’t. That’s just the way it goes,” he said Saturday. “Run for governor and you can have the residence.”

The government shutdown entered its third day Monday.